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Our services

Our core activity is holistic implementation of word of mouth marketing campaigns. We support our clients on following levels: strategy creation, selection of right tools, techniques and target groups as well as preparation of necessary materials. After that we coordinate the whole campaign, and when it’s finished we present full report, which is discussed with our client.

Word of mouth marketing

It’s every action on a brand-consumer relations, that have to convince consumers-trendsetters of quality of the given product or service and activate honest consumer recommendations among other consumers. Trendsetters are selected people, who want to get to know new products in the market and have real influence on others’ shopping decisions.

Word of mouth marketing is based on communication between consumers and sharing opinions about certain brands, their products and services. Communication is based on honesty that comes from true consumer belief of product’s value. Such communication is not salaried by companies. Chosen consumers are not employees or associates of 
a client deputing campaign. Communication between consumers and agency implementing WOMM activity is first of all transparent. Campaign always starts with providing trendsetters with samples of product or vouchers that enable trying it and other necessary informations (Product Seeding). Thanks to that, key members of the target group have necessary knowledge to start promoting given product/service among others.

Consumer Research

Our base of several dozen thousands of Trendsetters is a massive ground to conduct research among consumers in your target group. We can conduct satisfaction, preferences, image, prices or client service (mystery shopping) research.

Mystery shopping

Mystery shopping research helps to objectively judge the quality of client service, presented by your employees. Mystery shopping is based on arrangement of Mystery Shopper’s visit in chosen shops and a deep relation from actual quality of client service after visit. This method if perfect for verification of quality of client service in various shops, dealerships, service points or websites.


Marketing campaigns with usage of non-standard tools, e.g. graffiti, external installations, advertising in non-standard places, also with support of professional promotional staff.

Guerilla marketing/Street marketing

Atypical marketing campaigns, mostly within urban space – e.g. murals, pavement templates, stickers, ads on bus stops or other landscape elements.

Why word of mouth marketing?

It’s a cheap, simple and efficient solution. Direct dialog with consumer and opportunity to experience a brand, to commune with it, causes our Trendsetters to willingly and honestly promote your products and services among other consumers, including friends, family, colleagues, neighbours…

Word of mouth marketing is based on a belief that every consumer is a medium with great potential, especially in modern times, when everyone with access to the Internet can help or harm every single brand.

Unyielding word of mouth marketing benefits:
  • Several hundred, and even several thousands of new addressees
  • Building constant relations with the consumers
  • Rapid sales increase
  • Huge credibility of implemented activity
  • High effectiveness, in relatively short time
  • Fully measurable effects


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